Monday 16 November 2009

Pulling Up The Drawbridge!

"I'm All Right, Jack!"

The Squeaker of the House of Commons inists that the Kelly Reforms should be adopted in full, even if it is "rough justice" for some MP's.

Of course, as a serial flipper and mega-claimer at the trough when just a mere MP himself, he now enjoys a vastly increased salary and pensions as Squeaker, along with a highly desirable and luxurious apartment on which fucking tons of tax-payers' money has been lavished - some £700,000 for Gorbals Mick's make-over, I believe, and now another £45,000 to satisfy Mrs Squeaker's demands. So he's got a well feathered nest, and can afford to say fuck you lot to the rest of them.

Hypocritical little cunt.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Hypocritical little cunt.

He's not alone. he also suffers an STD. Socialist Transmitted Disease" by his Mrs.!

Get Smart said... we know why all these crooks in the Commons wanted him as Speaker.
I hope he looses his seat next election as I think that UKIP chap is going to stand against him.

Anonymous said...

What fun it will be to see the fucker lose his seat at the GE.

Joe Public said...

We're even buying an £80 clock for his kitchen, despite the fact his cooker & microwave already have clocks.

Troughing cunt.

WV:- "vaters" voters / haters

Anonymous said...

Can we not just rationalise this? thieving fuckers - stretch - lamposts!