Friday 27 November 2009

Simples! Charge The Fat Bastards For 3 Seats!

I don't understand the problem.

Sure it is simple? Just charge fat bastards for the number of seats they actually take up, and if it's none too comfortable flying with an airline seat arm up the crack, then lose some weight you fat fuckers.

Either than or grease them and slide them into the cargo hold as excess baggage.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

In the States, I know that "Persons of Size" (AKA bloody well fat!) have to pay for the extra seat. So why not elsewhere? Perhaps the next Ryan Air wheeze will be to weigh the passengers as well as the luggage!
Personally, I hate flying, or rather the "self loading cargo" experience and petty Gauleiter attitude of the staff. I take the train or sail, but I travel for pleasure not business.

banned said...

Does the chap to fatboys right get a refund ?

Anonymous said...

No, no, and once again, no:
Don't be corny 'bout fatties.
It isn't wheat
That spreads out their seat:
It's truckloads of mince and tatties.

Ed P said...

It would be fair to charge ALL passengers the same for, say, up to 120kg of passenger-plus-luggage. Fatties could then either take less luggage or pay for the excess weight.

Anonymous said...

For a start no plane should take off with a blob like that blocking the aisle. How the hell would others get out in the event of an emergency?

Agree with Ed P - it would also make sound commercial and safety sense, as a planes performance is totally dependent on the overall weight.

panavia999 said...

holy moly! My sister in law, who was extremely bottom heavy, always voluntarily paid for two coach seats.