Tuesday 24 November 2009

Getting The Whitewash Ready

Sir John "Buggins Turn" Chilcot, who was part of the Butler Whitewash, is busy getting the gallons and gallons of whitewash ready in advance of the Iraq War Cover-Up.

Despite being in it up to his glass-eye, McCavity will not be questioned, which makes a travesty of it as it was the Scotch Cunt whose penny-pinching ensured our troops were placed in harms way with as little as 5 fucking bullets and a pair of skis.

And witnesses will be granted immunity.

And the Freedom of Information Act will not apply.

Waste of fucking time and money having a fucking so-called inquiry.

The Penguin


steveal said...

I am in despair at the thought of another inquiry.
I sat watching the BBC interviewing endless people who all seemed to think it was 'essential'.
I cried out for the interviewer to ask each one "what were the main findings of the Butler inquiry?". Or "tell me some of the recommendations of the Hutton inquiry".

The only people who remember these enquiries are the lawyers who make a lifetime of money in a year or two.

Steve (Who hopes to live to see the publication of the bloody Sunday enquiry - that should satisfy all sides. Taxpayer's money well spent...).

Oldrightie said...

The continuing "dance of the clowns" so beloved of a dying Government.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Don't you mean Lord Chillcot. Fuck I'm being premature!

RavingMad said...

Why can't we just have the War Crimes Trials? There are no new lessons to learn. We invade a sovereign nation and killed a few hundred thousand people - ILLEGALLY

Just hang the bastards and then have the trials, that would be fairer and make sure we get Alastair Campbell

I understand that B&Q have sold out of whitewash