Monday 9 November 2009

Talk About Re-Writing History!

The Dwarf-Emperor of France, Nicolas Napoleon Sarkozy 1st is busily re-writing history to properly reflect his role in all of the important events of the last few centuries.

He it was who struck the first few pick axe blows to bring down the Berlin Wall.

It was Sarkozy who accepted the surrender by Adolf Hitler on a previous flying visit to Berlin.

Sarkozy happened to be on a surfing holiday in Hawaii in 1942 and rescued General Macarthur from the wreckage of Pearl Harbour.

It was Sarkozy who really rescued Private Ryan, but gallantly refused to claim the glory.

Sarkozy risked everything to row single handled across the Channel to bring Winston Churchill the Enigma machine he had stolen from Himmler.

Oh, and he invented the Internet and told Steve Jobs how to make a better computer.

What the fuck would we have done without the little chap?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Got Carla Bruni into bed?

Hacked Off said...

Fucking EVERYONE's done that!

Anonymous said...

So why a picture of Johnathan Davies.

Hacked Off said...

You should have gone to Specs-savers, or maybe found a different form of exercise?

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy is the only man in the world whose pecker is longer than he is.

Anonymous said...

Quel homme!

banned said...

Sarkozy liberated Paris by impersonating Charles De Gaulle.