Saturday 14 November 2009

Bye Bye Byers

"Repay? Repay? What The Fuck Do You Mean?"

Seems that the proposed reforms to the expenses regime mean that there's no longer enough gravy in the trough to suit Stephen Lyers Byers, whose wondrous 30 year career sucking at the public teat has encompassed such magnificent achievements as fucking up MG Rover by flogging it for fuck-all to the dodgy consortium, fucking up Railtrack and screwing the investors, and employing the fucking sensitive and caring Jo Moore, who at least knew when to bury bad news.

I wonder if he is going to repay the £125,000 he claimed in second home expenses for a residence owned outright by his partner?

Somehow, I suspect he'll get away with it, the fucking scrote.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Of course the duplicitous piece of work will get away with it. Note how they all announce they intend to leave only after collecting a golden handshake. Utter pieces of unpleasantness.

Tumour Bunny said...

Unfortunately, it seems that Byers is not resigning for health reasons.

This does not prevent me from praying that members of his family develop cancer on an ongoing basis until he is dead. I hope that he gets to watch them suffer.

But it's okay - they can always die on a day when it's good to bury bad news, right?

Good riddance, jackal untermensch. No suffering is too little for you.

Anonymous said...

The man is a cunt. He should be tortured to death.

Barking Spider said...

Good fucking riddance to the cunt - and not before time!

Blind Pugh said...

A truly vile piece of work. A nasty little lickspittle who would do anything as long as cash was involved. I hope he spontaneously combusts before he can collect his golden handshake and the many directorships that no doubt await him.

Cunt of a cunt.

Get Smart said...

He wont be paying anything back. I bet he`s going for some nice directorships in some companies he was dealing with while in government.

Anonymous said...

It's only the little people who pay money back.

People like him are entitled to be thieves and get away with it.

They have taken over from the aristocracy, or at least moved up there with them.

It's time for a revolution, and in honesty it's only the apathy and total laziness of the Brits that has prevented this happening.

Dick the Prick said...

I'm just glad the cunt's going

epitaffy said...

Necromancer, Satanist, Trotskyite scat-orgy fluffer and shiteater extraordinaire, Stephen "The Muncher" Byers, of whom Peter, Lord Crabs, once famously said "my, that's an appetite you've got there m'young lad" announces intention to hang up gimp mask before Day of Reckoning.

Fellow political coprophiliacs express dismay at prospect of being a man down at future conga line gatherings.