Wednesday 18 November 2009

Time For Some Revenge, Darling?

Do you recall how it was the charmless Ed Balls who was so keen to be Chancellor in the buggered-up reshuffle that he had cleared his desk and told his staff he was off to the Treasury, only to look even more like a puffed up twat when Darling unexpectedly grew a pair and told the dithering Brown he was staying put?

Now Balls has publically tried to bounce Darling into giving his department for ruining children's lives a big increase in funds when the government is desperately trying to avoid the Gnomes of Zurich down-rating Britain's Junk Bonds by trimming a few quid from Gordon's Client State Bribery Bill.
Oddly enough, Darling has effectively told Balls to fuck off. I'm sure that he is aware of how effectively Brown fucked over everyone and everything he disagreed with by cutting off the money when he was Chancellor. Like the Armed Forces, for example.

I'm sure Balls can look forward to the spending settlement when it comes.

Bit like Gordon is looking forward to the General Election.

The Penguin

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I love that picture a little too much.