Saturday 7 November 2009

Christ On A Bike, How Many More?

Are all the "noble peers" as bent as safety-pins?

Seems you can hardly look at a newspaper (online, fucked if I'm buying any of them!) without there being yet another fucking trough-pig in ermine caught stealing in one way or another. There are so many of them using the "little house in the country" dodge that I suspect it's listed in the Idiot guide to the House Of Lords given to them when they first turn up.

Just look at the fucking poverty dripping of this pair of cunts! Nice house in Clapham bought outright with no mortgage in the 90's for half a million, and he claims to be fucking poverty-stricken? I hope there's a few lamp-posts on his fashionable street...

The Penguin


St Paul said...

Advice for the lady Nicole: being photographed with glass in hand has no upside potential. It can later be recirculate to portray you as a pissed-up bag lady.

DaveP said...

St Paul.. I don't know about a pissed up bag lady; but she would look a lot nicer wearing a bag over her head.