Monday 9 November 2009

Slag Of The Week

Here's a lovely little vignette of Bliar's Britain.

This fucking slag is pregnant with a third bastard, thereby ensuring that we pay her fucking loads and loads of benefits, including free fucking housing.

And she has just escaped with a slapped wrist after setting fire to her council house and claiming it was yobs so she could get another council house closer to her mother.

No wonder she's fucking grinning, she got one two doors down from her Mum. Who must be so fucking proud.

How many more scrotes will she bang out to become the next problem generation?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

She must love sex.

I hope she has some more, really soon. At night. With five or six strangers, who'll slit her fucking throat when they have finished with this whore.

Pikey Labour filth. Abomination. Scum.

She's the one who needs fireworks through her cat flap.

Anonymous said...

"The hearing was told O'Connor was struggling to raise her children on her own. She was also said to have been suffering from post-natal depression and had just found out she was pregnant again."

For heaven's sake. I know it goes on to say that she has a low intellect, but she seems capable of putting one foot in front of the other, surely she knows why she gets pregnant. Has no one told her about the pill?

RantinRab said...

Fucking cock holster.

Anonymous said...

"surely she knows why she gets pregnant." - Of course she does.

"Has no one told her about the pill?" - It wouldn't make any difference.

She knows EXACTLY what she is doing. The cow....

panavia999 said...

What would be wrong with telling her that her bennies will be cut off unless she has her tubes tied.

banned said...

Someone fucked that within living memory ?
Things must be bad in Pikeytown

Anonymous said...

Receptacal for Jizm

Anonymous said...

I know my speelinz rong, i was multi tasking, i'm only a man lol

Anonymous said...

Well that's Wythenshawe for you. When the place was built you were strictly vetted to be allowed to live there, now you are vetted to see if you are fit to leave. The place is so bad you wipe your feet when you leave. No, I don't live there.

Anonymous said...

Why do we free give money to these scum?

I think you should get benefits or child allowance for the 1st 2 kids, anymore pay for the little shits yourself.

Your choosing to have them!