Wednesday 11 November 2009

Unfit For Purpose!

Sack the bitch!

What the fuckety fucking fuck has been going on at the useless Ofsted, "led" by the quangocrat wife of thieving politician Tom McNumpty, Christine Gilbert?

Their "mistakes" in trying to suppress evidence are likely to hand the harridan Shoesmith a fucking victory on technical grounds in her case for unfair fucking dismissal!

"We have nothing to hide" they say, after months of hiding things from the legal team representing Shoesmith, only to roll over under the FoI (bet the politicians regret passing that one!).

Heads must roll for this.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

You bastard, Pennie. How can this poor, hard working genius, in a postion of power and wealth, concentrate on living the high life and do any kind of real work. She'll be a baroness before you know it.
One of the many medames that operate via that brothel known as "Parliament".

banned said...

This was always going to be the result and some said so at the time.
It does not matter if you go to work and beat your line manager to a pulp, you will Still get compo if your employer fails to go through the correct procedure when sacking you. Crazy law but there ya go.

Even when acting against one of their own ( shoesmith ) Haringey have clearly become so up their own arse they ignore this simple fact.

Red Squirrel said...

She's an ugly cow as well.

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

What a slug-ugly one

I wouldn't, not even with a penguin.

Umbongo said...

In a way, I hope that Shoesmith does win her case and eventually get a bundle from Haringey and I speak as a proud Haringey Council Taxpayer. The reason is that a victory for Shoesmith would be another massive nail in Labour's coffin. Seeing this mendacious cow walk away with her winnings from the public employment lottery (where everybody - except the taxpayer - wins) might wake up a few more people to the essential evil of the Labour project. Money for Shoesmith and just 2 years inside for somebody directly complicit in Baby P's murder says it all about British "justice" under this government.

.243 Win said...

Is anyone sure that isn't actually McNumpty in drag going for a double dip into the public purse ?