Thursday 26 November 2009

Even For McCavity, This Is Disgraceful!

With Friends Like Gordon, You're Really Fucked!

Gordoom Mcbrown, the Great Leader, Financial Genius, and Saviour Of The World is a lowdown cheating lying conniving Scottish Cunt of the worst sort.

However, the latest revelations about the Bank of England secretly propping up HBOS reveal a new and even more disgusting aspect to the Prime Mentalist.

He encouraged his so-called friend Sir Victor Blank, chairman of Lloyds Bank to buy HBOS even though he knew it was effectively bankrupt without the support of the BoE, and he kept fucking quiet about it even as the Lloyds shareholders (who were carefully NOT TOLD about the massive secret funding) saw the value of their shares plummet after the take-over went through and the shitfest in HBOS wrecked their bank.

Moral Compass?

Ha fucking Ha.

The Penguin


Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

There is one more bank unmentioned in the recent leaks/releases.

It is Barclays who also got a massive and as yet unrevealed cash injection of the same magnitude as RBS and HBOS and Lloyds,

Why is the word not yet out?

Brown needs Scotland to keep the Labour Party afloat and anything with Scotland in the name with r4espect to banking failure needs to be drummed out like a mantra to help stymie the tide of the SNP.

Scotland needs England and Labour to run their affairs.

He would destroy nations rather than give up the helm.

Maybe that was his plan all those years ago a a communist in Fife.

The best way to destroy capitalism in the UK is not by way of the Communist Party but by infiltrating and taking over the Labour Party.

What were Jack Straw, John Reid et al doing all those years ago before they took over Labour?

Oldrightie said...

Blank knew Jimmy Snot was to provide unlimited, newly printed money for this exercise, it was Blank's idea.