Wednesday 11 November 2009

Joined Up Transport Policy A Triumph?

Imagine - Could This Be Prescott's Cum-Face? Poor Tracy!! Poor Pauline!!!

We must be suitably grateful to Stephen Lyers-Byers, for his efforts over Railtrack, and to John Two Slags Prescott, the Mouth of The Humber, for his wondrous stewardship of the much vaunted Joined Up Transport Policy, the fruits of which are now plain for all to see.

Rail fares are fucking astronomical.

Over a THOUSAND QUID to get from Cornwall to Skye!

And Network Rail have hired luxury coaches to take 200 staff from their Reading HQ on some time wasting jolly to fucking Coventry (of all places, for fuck's sake!) saving themselves something like £24,600 on the cost of rail travel.

Never mind the nonsense of travelling anyway in these days of video conferencing, I'm sure there are venues in the Reading area they could have used, or even perhaps their own fucking staff canteen? Never mind the fucking carbon footprint bollocks.

Next cunt who tries to tell me I should be using public fucking transport is likely to get told to procreate and travel.

The Penguin


Lexander said...

Prescott must have cost this country millions of pounds in failed plans. Both he and Byers continue to prosper however. Network Rail are out of control as well. And yet the nation seemed to approve wonderful old BR being privatised (another huge mistake by Mad Thatcher). Remember: fares were reasonable and trains ran on time? How that bastard Prescott dare open his huge gob about anything considering his record. Toodle pip.

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

"Procreate and travel"

I prefer "Self-pollination, anywhere but here, please"

Hacked Off said...

Hardly Gruff, is it?

microdave said...

"get told to procreate and travel."

By public transport, maybe??

Anonymous said...

He really is a prize cunt, isn't he ?

Anonymous said...

I'd just tell 'em to fuck off, if I were you.

microdave said...

You can't do that, Edgar. They might feel threatened, and get you arrested.

Sensitive lot, government officials....

Anonymous said...

Presnot's fat head has more chins than a fucking Chinese phone directory. Whoever through that egg at his fat head a few years ago deserves a medal.