Saturday 21 November 2009

It's Official - Cumbria Is Fucked!

Pity the poor folk of Cumbria today - not only have they to try and cope in the ongoing severe weather and the resulting floods, but McCavity has turned up in person to deliver his usual Curse.

Thank goodness I explored the Lake District when I was younger, and have some photographs of it to show my grandchildren should they ever wish to know what it was like before the Brown Blight made a wasteland of it.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

More torrential rain and gale force winds are forecast: the second 'once in a thousand years' storm in a week. Coincidence? I think not.

Apres Brown, le real deluge.

Oldrightie said...

Has Jimmy Snot got his own personal printing press?

sickofit said...

He only visited Penrith which is right on junction 40 of the M6 and on the eastern edge of our county so we are hopeful the Brown Gorgons kiss of death is blown across the Pennines and into Yorkshire.

Who's this Hilary Benn person and why are they rolled out to comment on this 'catastrophe' of biblical proportions?

Anonymous said...

Its vrai I think Edgar. "Real" in grenuille.

Trident said...

Just as well they all have webbed feet. It's a small county thing...

Anonymous said...

. . . and where the fuck did the one eyed pant pisser go for his holiday during the summer?

I rest my case ;-)

sickofit said...

He was actually in Cockermouth as well so Cockermoouth is well and truly screwed.

Did anyone else see in today's Times that Peter Poppet wants banana boys job?
Here's to an early election.

Anonymous said...

Peter Poppet may want Banana Boy's job - what he NEEDS is a couple of bullets through the forehead.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Funny that. I was fucked in Cumbria once when I was a lad. A mikmaid she was with big, soft tits. Anyway there's a report in the Mail about residents wantking to make the River bed in Cockermouth bigger, but DEFRA wouldn't let them because salmon spawned there. Fish before people, that's the Labour way.

perie said...


"Residents say their pleas to dredge the Derwent to make it 10ft deeper and less likely to flood ­were turned down last summer because wildlife experts said the dredging would stop salmon laying their eggs on the river bed."

There is a re-occurring theme with these things:

1. Inappropriate homebuilding on flood plains.
2. Flood defences artificially increase flood heights and funnel water along that might otherwise have slowly meandered in smaller flood events.
3. Dredging and riverbank management is nothing like what it was. The speed of rivers and their capacity is reduced, artificially raising river levels.

These three factors combine to make 'once in a thousand year' floods more frequent without needing rainfall to be massively more frequent.

In places with flood defences they regularly have very high water yet few appreciate the water now gets high because of the flood barriers.

The Government bodies tasked with managing the countryside have ceased to do so.

sickofit said...

The Brown Gorgon has given 'Cumbria' a million to 'help fix things'.
Some dick says that all 1800 Cumbrian bridges need to be checked and assessed.

Guess where the million is going... on the governments 'bridge experts' naturally!

microdave said...

@ perie - a cynic might suggest that this is all part of the AGW scaremongering....

And the RNLI have said many times that they prefer to be independent of Government funding. It allows them to do what THEY want, not what some idiot minister decides.

banned said...

Hilary Benn is the son of Tony Benn whose home on the Essex coast is the only one thereabouts to have been protected from coastal erosion ( with public funds ) while the rest are left to fend for themselves.
Hypocrytical cunts.

Tony & hilary Benn, we're all right Jack