Monday 23 November 2009

Is She Related To Horse Face Beckett?

This unelected apparatchik Baroness Ashton looks strangely like the caravan-dwelling horse-faced Margaret Beckett. Could it be that they are related?

Separated at birth, the ugly love children of some pairing so hideous that if it became common knowledge it would act as some form of contraceptive strong enough to overcome beer goggles and ensure a rapid fall in the birth rate.

Nurse !!!! The mind bleach, and quickly!!

The Penguin


McEgan's Mummy said...

This fucking ugly Communist bitch looks like just the sort of Righteous cunt who would have gladly sold us all into slavery of the USSR in the 80's.

How convenient that she can now earn over 200 grand a year selling us into the slavery of the EUSSR instead.

There's a special length of piano wire preserved for this marxist cunt.

Anonymous said...

Ugly traitorous communist cunt indeed, my friends....

Die ! You Fucking Ugly Communist Bitch !

DaveP said...

As soon as I saw this womans picture, after the comrades propelled her into her new job, one thing came to mind.

I just KNEW you would do a piece on her striking looks. By the way please stop insulting horses.

banned said...

Anon 22:25, ta for that link; her with Bruce Wotsit CND luvvy
"Cathy Ashton, who in April 1982 was national treasurer of the pressure group CND, is seen demanding that Margaret Thatcher turn back the task force heading for the Falklands"

Fucking bitch, you lost then and you will lose again soon when you will be a lone commie/puritan cunt adrift in the corridors of "power" when Gordon and his evil gang are kicked out.

Mandelson will not save you, he set you up you daft cow.

Stop Common Purpose said...

That hideous bitch looks like an extra from Doctor Who.

Anonymous said...

Stupid cunt Ashton.

Never had a proper job in her blighted life.

Perpetual parasite, daughter of a jackal.

Blind Pugh said...

The problem is, there's no way of getting rid of the cunt. Even if McBroon and his minions are swept away in the next election, useless cunts like Ashton will carry on in their overpaid jobs regardless. Same with all the fucking lords and ladies Labour have created. They'll still be troughing away in the House Of Lords whatever happens in the Plebs' Chamber.


hantedi said...

Is she related to Shane McGowan? They could be brother and sister.

RavingMad said...

I wouldn't mind betting that she gets a free entry into the Grand National as well.....cunt

banned said...

The Telegraph finally caught on to the CND link yesterday, slack fuckers.