Thursday 12 November 2009

Harriet's Latest Clever Wheeze!

You have to give the mad bitch points for perseverance and persistence.

Her new plan is to set up a council of powerful wimmin to put the world to rights and end the evil domination of men who are oppressing and dissing the sisterhood.

Invited to the Harpie Council are:
Hariet Harperson ( Chairgirl)
Hilary Clinton (Cowgirl)
Angela Merkel (Oldgirl)
Nancy Sinatra
Princess Diana
Mother Teresa
Indira Ghandi
Joan of Arc
Emily Pankhurst
Eva Braun
The Duchess of Bracknell
Pope Joan

She apparently would welcome more nominations, feel free!

The Penguin


Bugger Lugs said...

Mrs McNulty

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

My Grannie

Although she has been dead now for about 55 years, she is still on the Voters' Roll in St Rollox, part of Glasgow NE parliamentary consituency, and will be voting Labour, as always, in the upcoming by-election.

Joe Public said...

No Linda Lovelace?

Anonymous said...

If Harriet wants to spend time globe trotting that would be fine.

Then perhaps Labour could appoint a deputy leader who can spend time helping with the Afghanistan situation, Iran, the EU threat to sovereignty, massive unemployment and the recession and an impending general election, expenses corruption, erosion of privacy and liberty, etc, etc.

If all goes to plan, Harriet won't notice and will carry on blisfully slagging off men over cups of tea with her elite sisterhood.

Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron said...

Fuck me slowly...

Susan Boyle is a must

Faux Cu said...

Myra Hindley

Anonymous said...

Mandelson - the filthy queen?

That vile Cooper- Balls creature?

Theresa May for not being able to stand up to the vile Cooper- Balls creature thus demonstrating she is equally useless?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. That's a good one. I read the article, well, I glanced. She sees herself up there with Mrs Clinton and Frau Merkel?

That's a bit like the lad who had 3lines in the school play sees himself up there with Olivier and Gilguid.

She's a useless, single track minded old cow. Even Cyclops thinks she's hopeless and he rates Bob Aintworth so we can see what a low standard he has.

But you gotta give her a break. At least she's funny.

The Paragnostic said...

Lucrezia Borgia, preferably with her poison box.

wv: ingstat - strangely Orwellian again ;o)

Quiet_Man said...

Katie price? She's clearly oppressed ;-)

BTS said...


Kerry McCarthy, MP for Mogadishu East said...

Me, me, ME!

BTS said...


Nadine Dorries said...

How about me???

Hacked Off said...

I would, Nadine, I would!!

panavia999 said...

Is it possible that Europe is more P.C. than the USA? I thought we were ridiculous here!
The women in Europe who need help are the chattel of followers of Islam. I don't think gypsy women are treated so well either. (According to the personal anecdotes of my co-worker from Romania.) No where in that article did I see references to the truly downtrodden women.
Who is looking after the interests of women in the Middle East or Africa, where femicide is a pastime?
But ladies can't lunch over true atrocities, puts them of their feed.

Anonymous said...

Is that cunt Harman taking a shit. or is she finally getting some cock?