Monday 2 November 2009

Criminalise The Decent Poor Parents, Very NuLiebore!

Another Own Goal For Ed Balls-Up!

"Education, Education, Education!" declared Tony Bliar, the "honest chap" who should be in the Hague being tried for war crimes. And his disgusting regime certainly have made a fucking right mess of it.

So much so that the few half-way decent state schools are over-subscribed, and parents desperate to try and get some semblance of an education for their children are obviously going to do what they can to achieve this. Not everyone can afford to go private. Tony Bliar cheated to get his kids into decent schools, as did many of his NuLiebore colleagues, the fucking hypocrites.

But now that charming fat smarmy cunt Ed "Blinky" Balls has decided that such behaviour is not just wrong, it should be regarded as criminal.

They just can't see how they are alienating anyone with aspirations for their children. Political oblivion awaits them, the sooner the better.

The Penguin


Sue said...

Criminal to want the best for your children. Parents are being forced to send their kids to substandard schools!

Home schooling will be out of the question soon too...

Labours plan for another generation of morons and a complete assurance of a class system!

banned said...

Sue, homeschoolers are all perverts, so says the govinment.

Dianne Abbot, another champagne socialist who sponged her offspring into private school Fucking Hypocrite.

Labour. It is Soooo simple. Make all the schools good, then there would not be a problem.

JMT said...

This from the guy who has hismain residence somewhere up the country, while his "second" residence is in London.

Guess where his kids go to school.

And he has the nerve to criticise other parents for doing the dsaem thing?

Anonymous said...

It's certainly a proud moment for the English Schools Minister to have to admit that thousands of parents find their local school too crime and drug ridden, to educationally lacking and generally too awful to send their kids to and so they try to get their kids into a school where they might come out with some qualifications and not a drug habit. Even if that means lying.

Mr Balls flipped his house. Mr Balls, who considers himself superiour enough to be a government minister was either stupid enough or crooked enough claimed for the same mortage interest as his wife did. Thankfully a sharp eyed clerk notice that they were on the fiddle and said NO.

He wants give parents a criminal record for the crime of living in an area where the school makes St Trinians look like Eton.

It's not like the Labour Government would ever lie or anything, is it?

I hope he goes down.