Sunday 1 November 2009

An Appointment To Impress Monkeys?

Oh dear! It seems that as some sort of sick consolation prize for Tony "War Crimes" Bliar not being annointed as the President Of the EUSSR they are going to give the High Representative non-job to Millipede Senior, the gurning banana waving lightweight whose ambitions for leading NuLiebore are not matched by his courage.
I'm sure that all those senior foreign politicians and dignitaries that Banana Boy has upset in his time as the worst Foreign Secretary in living memory will be really delighted.

I'm sure it will help the EUSSR in future dealings with them. Just like a good fuck helps virginity.

The Penguin


St Paul said...

So Banana Boy supported the release, by the Jocks, of, the terminally ill, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi. The Libyan seems to have undergone a miracle cure, reminiscent of Ernest Saunders recovering from Alzheimer's, with the added bonus that the Boy is again made to look a gullible numpty on the international stage.

Old Holborn said...

God, I hate the black eyed Zionist.

Grandfather was an illegal immigrant to the UK after joining the red army.

Just what the EUSSR needs

banned said...

Will he be able to stay on as MP long enough to claim his 'resettlement' £60k ?

With no domestic power base and a hostile home Government Milipeedhisself would be in for a rough ride. Might make himself a few bob though, Mandy and the Kinnocks certainly did.

Anonymous said...

Banana Boy Millicunt & all his relatives are a prime example of why this country should get rid of illegal immigrants.
Pity Grandad didn't take a bullet in the gonads while a fron runner in the Red Army - would certainly have saved the UK (and probably the world)a mess of trouble.