Sunday 22 November 2009

Another Stunning Stunt By The Cunning Cunt?

It seems that the Magnificent Leader's fitness regime was as fake as his financial prudence, all a headline grabbing stunt and an obvious attempt to match up to the rather fit Cameron.

Mind you, it gave everyone a right fucking laugh looking at the photograph of the grey skinned puffing twat desperately tottering round looking every inch the heart-attack candidate.

Go on, Gordoom, prove you're really a jogger - and drop dead!

The Penguin


Animal Magic said...

That picture has got to be fake. His head isn't on proper!

Anonymous said...

Having one hairy arm and one hairless is very strange indeed. It could be an underlying medical condition. Either that or he's got his meds mixed up with Sarah's Testosterone pills.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Why has the detective behind him got stabalising legs like you get on a kid's bike?