Saturday, 11 April 2009

It's Going To Be Loads Of Fun!!

Guido Fawkes has come up trumps, and the damage limitation operation is already spinning like McBroon's Moral Compass.

I don't see how Dolly Dripper can survive this debacle. Fortunately for Dolly, he has his enormously successful books to fall back on - or rather, Kate earns a few quid on the telly (but her looks won't last much longer, and it's a tough environment for women past their best!)

With any luck the odious McBride will be out the door too, and the shit will stick to the whole Downing Street cabal.

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

Enjoying every moment of this one.

I mocked Mrs Dolly before:

Gordon said...

Dolly will be fine - check out his impressive cv

Chalcedon said...

Ian dale reckons their job titles will change by Monday. I reckon Tuesday myself.

Cuse said...

Still fucking obsessed with this cunt Draper aint'cha?

Or is it the big suck-off with Staines now?

By the way - the picture you have of me on this blog is at least 3 months out of date - I'm now MUCH fatter.

Mind - seeing a picture of Staines today in the Observer, he's easily the ugliest cunt I've seen this year. And he's one humungous fat fuck.

Anonymous said...