Thursday, 30 April 2009

"Big Issue! Big Issue! Concentrating on the Big Issue!"

"We can't afford to have the Gurkhas here, I've got my pension to fund!"

In the face of the "resign" petition currently with over 30,000 signatures and going ballistic, and the teeth of his craven absentee defeat over the Gurkhas, what is The Great Leader doing?

"Asked for Mr Brown's response, his spokesman said: 'What he is doing is focusing on addressing the needs of the people of the country and the big issues we face in terms of the global economic downturn.' "

He and his fellow travellers should be focusing on getting some training in for their future careers selling the Big Issue.

The Penguin


Not a One-Eyed Scottish Idiot said...

Can anyone find a recent photo of the auld one-eyed monster that flatters him? He looks utterly grotesque.

Farmer Geddon said...

cunt (him, not you)

subrosa said...

Oh Penguin you do hit the nail on the head with some accuracy :)