Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Surprise, Surprise!! No Evidence At All!!!

"The Arrest Of 12 Terrorists Was A Great Success And Nearly Saved Damian McBride's Arse!"

Tut, tut. Bit like the missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction that Sadaam Hussein was within 45 minutes of attacking Britain with, Inspector Knacker has completely failed to find any bombs or anything else that the 12 Pakistani students arrested in a huge blaze of publicity could have used in a "terrorist attack".

Now, a flightless bird with a cynical outlook might think that this is no big surprise and that the whole exercise was an attempt to dominate the Easter news agenda and divert the media spotlight away from the revelations that Guido was about to unleash.

What do you think?

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

I would just like to add yet again that Jacqui Smith is a cunt.

Spartan said...

As for terrorist attacks ... anyone with intent and even a little intelligence could carry out an attack within literally hours.

lt doesn't need a 'cell' or months of planning. lndeed an attack no longer needs actual deaths to get a result.

lt merely needs the 'threat' but terrorist organisations can't even be bothered to do that. l can undertsand why ... what's the point of trying to fuck up a country that's already fucked by another terrorist group ... this bastard government!

Faux Cu said...

The only real and present threat to this country is the fuckwits who are running it.

Easy and you don't need a PhD in Labour Party history to work that out.

RayD said...


It's not that the "terrorist organisations can't even be bothered to do that" but that there AREN'T any terrorist "organisations", any more than there is an "organisation" of people who shoot up schools.

And who the fuck is that thug on the left of the Queen of Chavs?

Old Bag said...

at the end, as at the start: Jacqui Smith is a CUNT.

Chalcedon said...

FWIW, Penguins can fly, they fly underwater. you must have seen them do this.

On a far less serious side, this government of utter twats now wants to deport these students but is first seeking assurances that the Stan won't torture them. FFS, they haven't done anything!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Good fucking point; having branded these beardy types as 'terrorists' with no evidence whatsoever we will now be obliged to give the cunts residency in case their home country totures them on our behalf, ye fucking gods.