Saturday, 11 April 2009

Our Borders Are Secure? They're Having A Laugh!!

The claims by Phil "Custard Pie " Woolas that Britain's borders are secure is shown yet again to be a complete farce.

One of the 12 "terrorists" arrested in the raids brought forward because of Bob "Get Rich" Quick's so-called blunder should not have been let in as his paper work was definitely not in order. Was he put on the next plane back to Talibanistan? No, he was invited to come back for an interview to help him sort out the irregularities! FFS, how tough a regime is that, Mr. Woolas?

Still, I suppose one should make allowances for poor "Custard Face", he's not getting much help or support from his boss, the useless Home Economics Secretary, who is too busy checking her diaries to try and prove that she really lives in her sister's spare room.

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

Fucking hell, it gets worse by the minute.

This MP is another who needs a swift firm kick to the bollocks.

Earthlet Nigel said...

By having to go in early one of the things they will have had to forego was the association to the suppliers of the explosive vests. My guess is they wanted to arrest them as they acquired the extras necessary for the intended mayhem.

And instead of impinging on our freedoms along the lines of "Someone keeps bringing dead birds into the house and it seems unfair to always blame the cat"!, why don't we just pack them back off to the land of origin, irrespective of generation or whether they would be fairly treated/tortured.

Chalcedon said...

Trey getting into the US or Canada if your papers aren't in order! Next plane back home and try again. Which should have been the case with this individual. Do these cretins in immigration control not realise that once the bastard was in he could just bugger off and disappear never ever to attend his interview? Jaysus!

Anonymous said...

If the government were more competent, I would say they followed him after letting him go, but not with today's idiots.

Anonymous said...

Chalcedon it is clear to me you don't understand the system so I will briefly explain it. The "student" applies for a visa. The application in the case of our Paki chums goes to Islamabad. The worst cases are weeded out, the rest are broken down into those requiring further interview and the majority which are rubber stamped.

The system is all about money and not upsetting the host country. The Foreign Office runs the embassy or High Commission and the Home Office does the actual visa process, at least it does in the shit holes like Lagos and Islamabad. The cushy places like the US or Australia are jealously guarded by the Foreign office.

Once johnny Pakistan has his visa this also acts as an entry clearance. This means when he lands in Britain the Immigration Officer can suspend his entry clearance but in order to cancel the visa and remove him he or she has to have proof that the application was obtained fraudulently or that there has been a change in circumstances. The passenger invariably arrives on a weekend when the embassy is closed so there is no chance of checking the application. Immigration officers are well aware that granting temporary admission means that the passenger will likely not be returning, but in order to refuse entry they need the proof above and they need a Chief Immigration Officer to back them. Many of these are spineless turds who are more interested in their career than doing a good job. Like most things Labour have come in contact with they have debased the immigration process. In years past to get to be a Chief Immigration officer you had to be good at your job. Now all you need to do is spout the zanu party line and be right on with your diversity awareness.

So whilst I appreciate your frustration with our (lack of) border controls I suggest if you don't like it you write to your MP rather than bleat about it here.