Thursday, 23 April 2009

Poor Jacqui Chose The Wrong Knackers

"Bob's always very quick to get me a nice Kebab!"

Showing a woefully poor judgement, our much admired Two Homes Economic Secretary placed great reliance in "Sir" Ian Blair and "Bob" Quick. Both are now departed from the stage, but the shit they dropped still sticks and stinks.

It was under the "leadership" of "Sir" Ian that the Met developed "kettling" and the TSG, which despite the best efforts of the current Commissar to defend the "vast majority" of his thugs is still in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. I wonder how many more post-mortems they will have over what remains of Ian Tomlinson's corpse, and will it make the Guinness Book Of Records?

And now her favourite "Bob" has managed to drop her into a nice mess, with the "Easter Terrorist Outrage" that never was. And it didn't even manage to get the Damian McBride and Dolly Dripper story from the front pages. Still, lots of work and money for m'learned friends for years to come.

I wonder who she will choose as her next favourite plod?

The Penguin