Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Another Killer Free On Our Streets, Thanks Jack!

Driving down a road near your children?

Our wonderful Justice System has freed another killer to walk unhindered amongst us, perhaps even to get behind the wheel of another car, again whilst having no licence, or insurance, and killing another child. At the time of the first killing Aso Mohammed Ibrahim was a failed asylum seeker and should have been deported. Now, still working the system, he's out on bail whilst appealing yet again against deportation. Give Phil Woolas another medal.

Meanwhile Slippery Weasel Jack Straw says he is "concerned".

The Penguin


Chalcedon said...

How long has this twat been here? Second time, after a crime too, there should be no appeal against deportation. He'll probably end up staying. Unlike those brave Gurkhas who fought for the UK.

Lexander said...

The bloody Judge who freed him needs naming and shaming and then sacking.

Faux Cu said...

Yes Lex, what was the name of the "Judge?"

How can we go about finding out?

Old Bag said...

hang the cunt. that is all.