Thursday, 16 April 2009

She's Got A Very Fat Face, But How Much More Egg Can It Take?

Poor ( but not financially, thanks to the unwitting generosity of the taxpayers!) Jacqui The Fat Lodger Smith, our part-time Second Home Economics Secretary, now with even more egg on her face as not only do a Commons Select Committee rip into her senior civil servants, but the CPS state there was never a case for involving Inspector Knacker over the Home Office leaks.

It's been a great fuck up from start to finish, and hugely entertaining. And as a bonus it helped put the skids under "Bob" Quick.

Serious questions should be asked about the impartiality and judgement of the senior civil servants involved. One can understand why The Great Leader chooses to surround himself with political pygmies, but does that not mean it is even more important that the senior civil servants need to be "fit for purpose"?

The Penguin


Faux Cu said...

Could it be that the Civil Servants are pissed off with her frangrance that they are undermining her a la Sir Humphry.

Dungeekin said...


Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green MP has just been re-arrested by an elite Scotland Yard unit.


Oldrightie said...

This whole affair was unnecessary, it was Guido who had the info.!

Chalcedon said...

She must resign. She must. What would you do if you had been caught fiddling money big time, telling what are effectively lies about your housing situation and then using hyperbole and politicised civil servants to have an MP arrested on trumped up evidence? If I was McBroon I would sack her.