Thursday, 16 April 2009

That Brown Apology - The Full Version

"It started in America!"

Gordon Brown ( nearly) managed to make an apology today.

"I am sorry about what happened. I have said all along that when I saw this first I was horrified, (that we had been caught doing this) I was shocked (that Guido fucking Fawkes had got copies of the emails) , I was very angry indeed."

Brown said that he had written ( in big black crayon) to (some of) those mentioned in the emails expressing regrets for (being found out and forced to get rid of lovely Damian over ) what happened and that he wanted to assure people that "everything is being done to clean up politics in this country (except to sack a few ministers and call an election)".

Asked if he took responsibility, Brown said: "I take full responsibility for what happens and that's why the person who was ( directly) responsible went immediately (in order to protect my flabby arse)."

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

The scary thing is that is a better more accurate version than the one by cyclops.

Sir Leonard Bloodgate, Archeologist to the Stars said...

Sir Leonard Bloodgate, Archeologist to the Stars says:
April 16, 2009 at 4:45 pm

Now let’s have a look at this so called apology.

Brown says, speaking on a visit to Glasgow: “sorry about what happened”

Now that is not effectively an apology or saying ’sorry’ and meaning it. It is a reflective response to a particular situation or set of circumstances. It is definitely not addressed to anyone in a personal way.

Brown then goes on to say: “I take full responsibility for what happened. That’s why the person who was responsible went immediately.”

Once again, there is no mention of McBride concerned at all. In stating he is taking responsibility he is also stating the person responsible ‘went immediately’ Now, this is interesting. What exactly is Brown taking responsibility for? - it is not clear from this statement. If as he says, the person responsible went…why is he still in post? Or does he mean someone else is responsible? If so, who? And for what? This comment is totally nonsensical. Standing alone, it has no meaning. With reference to the events to which I think he is refering, it is an impossible comment.

Brown goes on to say: “We have now got to get on with the job of creating opportunities for people and apprenticeships, creating new work and, of course, getting a budget for jobs.”

Agh, some clarity at last. Here Brown is clear in his reference and its meaning. A simple statement with a focus and clear aims. However, in relation to his previous comments it highlights what Brown is actually saying. What Brown is saying is LET’S DRAW A LINE UNDER THIS AND MOVE ON. His uncomfortable expression about being sorry is a contrived means, in an unusual context, Govern Shipyard, at ‘getting people off his back’. He has said just enough to imply his sorrow but nowhere near enough to actually mean it. It is a rous, a technique which is very familiar to him and those who watch him.

In conclusion, Brown is sorry about nothing. The BBC, in raptures because of this, are WRONG. Other commentators who think Brown has come up trumps are WRONG. Cameron et al would be foolish to believe that Brown is anymore sorry today than he was yersterday. This is a semantic exercise by Brown to provide final damage limitation for him. Brown doesn’t give a toss about anyone else except himself. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.