Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Weasels Are Still Trying To Wriggle Out Of Being Decent And Honest

Yesterdays' vote in the House of Commons to give all Gurkhas a blanket right of settlement was decisive and clearcut, involving 75 NuLiebore abstentions and 27 rebels despite the heavy whipping and late bribes.

And yet, when the fucking useless Home Office Minister For Letting Somalis Into Britain returned to make a statement, it was still weasel words, delays, obfuscation and a complete lack of any understanding of the moral imperative underlying this situation. If Gordon Brown had a moral compass, it would be spinning like the buried giants of Old Labour in their graves at his behaviour. And apparently he had not the courage to stay and take part in the debate or to vote himself. The fucking coward.

This issue is not going to go quietly away. The Gurkhas deservedly have the support of a massive majority of people in the country as a whole, and any MP who does not wish to face wrath on the doorstep when they start campaigning for re-election would do well to remember that the internet now allows voters to know EXACTLY how their elected representatives have voted on every issue.

The Penguin

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Oldrightie said...

Get a change of Government and it wil be done.