Thursday, 16 April 2009

Improving The Brand, Ignoring The Borders?

I don't think £8 MILLION is enough to improve his image, personally.

Immigration is out of control. Even those illegal immigrants that are found often can't be deported as it would breach their Human Rights. Many of these people are living in fear and many are abused by those who assisted in getting them here.

But never mind, the UK Border Agency's budget for publicity and promotion was £7.8 million in the financial year 2008/9 - including £2 million for marketing and £3.3 million for advertising and promotion.

A spokeswanker for UKBA said publicity was an important way of stopping illegal immigration.

The total budget would have paid the salaries of 260 Immigration Officers, according to the Tories, who criticised plans to hire a new "Campaign Team" including a campaigns manager earning up to £59,708 a year and a senior marketing manager earning up to £44,201 a year. One of the new roles will have 'responsibility for brand guardianship.'

I'm surprised they need to spend all that to keep Immigration in the headlines, I thought the Home Office moles were doing a great job, ably assisted by the likes of Inspector Knacker and his cack-handed arrest of Damien Green.

The Penguin

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microdave said...

"brand guardianship" - WTF??

It's not as if we have a choice of which outfit control our borders, is it?