Thursday, 16 April 2009

How Come McBroon Goes To Their Funeral?

But never seems to have the time in his busy diary of saving the world and getting on with the jobbie to attend any of the hundreds of funerals of British Servicemen and women killed in NuLiebore's illegal wars?

I'd like to ask the Prince Of Wales the same question, actually.

I'm not trying to denigrate the tragedy of the helicopter crash, I just happen to think that these guys working in the Norh Sea Oil industry are there of their own choice, are extremely well paid, do short spells of time off and time on, have the latest and best kit and equipment, are extremely well fed and housed whilst on duty, and are not, for all the dangerous conditions they work in, likely to be killed or maimed by people deliberately trying to kill them. Unlike our Armed Forces, sent into harms way without suitable kit, and coming home to appalling housing and not even a decent medical service thanks to funding shortages and budget concerns.

Yet you never see any government minister or politician or member of the Royal Family meeting the coffins, or attending the funerals.

Oh, they'll stand around and pose for the cameras at the Centotaph each year, before some of them slope off to the House Of Commons for a bit of extra-marital slap and tickle, but where's the genuine respect for the dead, people dead because of decisions they took and lies they told?

Sorry, but it just is not right.

The Penguin


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Because they'd have no time to do anything BUT go to funerals. (Which wouldn't be a bad thing, IMHO!)

Lexander said...

Something to do with being in Scotland and there is a bi-election looming? I agree with Penguin that at the very least a Govt Minister should be at military funerals. It might bring it home to them how many Blair has killed so far.

RavingMad said...

Have you considered that it may have been in Gordon's interests to be at this funeral.

Firstly, there was no way he was going to Anfield for the Hillsborough Remembrance. Burnham's unscheduled appearance was tartilt received as it was. Imagine if Brown had turned up - he'd be dead meat now! Brown and justice don't mix.

Secondly, it was convenient to hide away in Aberdeen because of its remoteness. Brown, not big on the public display arena - unless it's on his terms (G20)- hates people and is a fucking COWARD anyway.

So this was all a nice 'n easy venture for the man with no spine. And it looked like he cared.....which is more than he does for the 'smeargate' lot....sorry indeed.....what a miserly cowardly wanker he is!

Cato said...

I've said this before. At the very least there should be a government minister at the airfield when the coffins arrive home.


Faux Cu said...

Why did he go?

Siple Alex Salmond would be there.

He would not be there to Grandstand like Brown because this is Salmond's backyard and Brown could not have his absence questioned.

All the Unionist parties voted against suspending the Holyrood Parliament for the day, that day.

The were give a good kicking by the people for that anti vote when not so long before that the H of C at Westminster was suspended following David Cameron's son's death.

Brown is a multi faced shite and will exploit anything to ensure nobody else gets their photo on the front page ahead of him.

Birth deaths and marriages , he haunts them all.

Apologise is what he will not do though.

Goodnight Vienna said...

It's Scotland. It's an EU region and Brown & Salmond are just a representatives.

Goodnight Vienna said...

I hold up my hands to the typo.

Hysteria said...

Bloody Hell -

I had completely missed this - I had assumed that there was someone from HMG at least in the reception party.

Funerals are very private affairs, but the soldiers swear an oath of loyalty to the crown (not parliament or government, which is interesting in and of itself) -

So I don't know whether a politician is appropriate at the funeral - but certainly a representative of HM should be there.

As an ex-offshore worker (still employed in the industry) I think it appropriate for officialdom to be present at the helicopter crash victims funerals - but frankly the police must be dreading whenever Brown goes out in public for fear of something bad happening.

Good job we don't have the second ammendment !!

Odin's Raven said...

It would be much nicer to see Brown in front of a firing squad, then carried to his grave by his cabinet, before they in turn were shot.

Alan said...

I agree Ranter, it's a fucking disgrace. More to do with the fact that Alex Salmond as FM was going so the one-eyed twat had to be there too.

AngryDave said...

A great post.
I agree with Cato that a minister should be at the airfield when the coffins arrive home. But, i also wonder if a dishonest parasite politition has any place in the presence of these brave men, as they have no concept of dignity, and would make it all about them.