Tuesday, 28 April 2009

What Are They Hiding, And Why?

An image from an era when you went to hospital to be cured not killed.

When you think of all the well publicised Hospital Scandals and all the inquiries and hand-wringing and protestations of "lessons learned" and "never again (until next time)", one may well wonder what on earth is so dreadful that the authorities do no want discovered over the deaths of 92 patients at a hospital in Gosport?

It's usually the cover-up that causes the most trouble. Come a change of regime in Downing Strasse, it may be very interesting to have this investigated thoroughly.

The Penguin


Chalcedon said...

there was an allegation of euthanasia by a specific individual. upping doses of diamorphine (heroin). not enough evidence.

Anonymous said...

I recently had cause to call the emergency GP service. It took 5 hours before anyone called at my home. I complained about poor service. I now fully accept that the poor service was my responsibility and I promise not to get ill again.