Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Where's Dolly?

Missing, presumed undead. Definitely unclean.

For a while you could hardly avoid the podgy unshaven knob-head, all over the TV and radio like some sort of nasty rash, cropping up like an unpleasant and painful boil in the print media, and of course, trying to take over the blogosphere like swine flu.

And yet suddenly - he's vanished!

Has anyone seen Dolly?

(Not that I'm concerned for his family, after all, they've got Anton to look after them.)

The Penguin


Dolly Draper's Kleenex Box said...

He'll be coming in your ears in no time.

Bill d'Sarse said...

I think I found him.

Anonymous said...

Who's that bird in the photo?

This ia a picture of Mrs Draper.......

Anonymous said...

Check the Digital Spy Politics forum. Labour sockpuppet suddenly turns up and repeats Broonite policy unquestioningly. Denies all knowledge that he is Mr. Draper. Yes, that's him alright.