Friday, 10 April 2009

The Pigs Policing The Trough

TEN MPs who act as anti-sleaze watchdogs claimed £4million in expenses.

A Sun investigation found members of the all-party Committee on Standards and Privileges have drawn £4,047,325 since joining in July 2005.

This is on top of the MP’s salary of £64,000. Three committee members claimed the full £23,083 “second home” allowance last year. A fourth pocketed just £1,000 short of the ceiling.

Last year the powerful committee claimed £1.4 million in housing, travel, staff and office costs.

Tory MP Sir George Young, who chairs the committee, employs his daughter from his taxpayer-funded allowances. Labour’s Andrew Dismore spent £37,414 on stationery in the year he joined the committee and £29,145 the following year.

Questions were last night raised about their ability to rule on others when they claim so much themselves

Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “As the saying goes, who watches the watchers?”

Fuck all chance of things improving, is there?

The Penguin


Cato said...

How in God's name can anyone spend £66,000 on stationary in two years? It's beyond belief.

The Penguin said...

The other year I had over 100,000 full colour leaflets printed, bought reams of quality A4 for correspondence, myriad envelopes, toner cartidges and coloured ink cartridges for my printers, sundry pens and pencils, staples, document wallets etc. etc. and sent out leaflets and posters to hundreds and hundreds of addresses all over the UK. Didn't get even close to that.

Cuse said...

What the fuck did you send out you cretinous mong?

Oh... BNP literature...right.

Frankly - to every fucker else in this country who doesn't read your frankly hilarious 2-bit fascist blog - this story means fuck all.

But then again - you obviously think your readers are as fucking dumb as you - because linking to the Mail + Telegraph are all you're fucking good for.

Fucking numb-nuts.

an ex-apprentice said...

Dear Numb-nuts, 20:05

Is no fucking use you come on here with bad fucking language, fuck this, fuck that, fuck every fucking thing, abuse poor endangered fucking pingu, as if global fucking warm was not enough of fucking problem for poor creature, is fucking pointless, innit? Bit like you. Without wit, sarcasm or irony is just bad fucking language let down by bad fucking writing. Whatsup? Playstation broke again?

Odin's Raven said...

Perhaps they're writing on gold leaf.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Outrageous, kill them all.

Cuse said...

Thanks ex-apprentice.

I feel all told-off now.

What is it with you right-wing scumbags and calling people children? You'd think that's all you lot thought about all day long. Children.

Sgt at Arms said...

Cuse is becoming a curse on the blogs.

Maybe it's time he fucked off back to draperville, uncomely bastard

Cuse said...

Thanks Sgt at Arms.

Anyway, Penny, you old cunt, back to your photo of me.

Could you run it through Photoshop or something?

I want to look as handsome as your boyfriend Staines in the Times today.

He is ravishing isn't he? He looks nothing like a tramp at all.