Monday, 20 April 2009

Timney Of The Week

"I'm good value for money, because I'm the three wise monkeys
rolled into one fat cunt!"

Has to be Labour General Secretary Ray "Blind Wanker" Collins, who went to a meeting at Charlie "The Victim" Whelan's office to chair a discussion about setting up the Red Rag Smear-site with McPoison, Dripper, Whelan, and some other patsy from Unite! but seems not to have know what the fuck it was all about.

Typical Labour Party Official.

After all, Mrs. Jack Harman was Labour Party Treasurer, but failed to notice millions of pounds of loans arriving in the bank account, or that his husband Harriet was accepting dodgy donations.

The Penguin


Goodnight Vienna said...

I'm surprised nothing came of Jack Dromey's involvement in those 'donations'. No one seemed to query his role as Treasurer. It's all very incestuous isn't it.

Anonymous said...

The character in the photo looks as camp as a flysheet. Why do all sLabour followers suffer from some form of affliction whether it be the physical or psychological?