Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Falling Corporation and Income Tax Takes? Never Mind...

A Tax Collector At Work

Just increase the stealth taxes on motorists by dropping speed limits so as to criminalise and fine even more drivers.

If fucking speed cameras were anything to do with road safety rather than with revenue collection and oppression I'd be in favour, but they are quite obviously just money making on the quiet for the state.

If they were concerned with road safety they would not have cut the numbers of traffic cops as the numbers of motorists grew. Bloody speed cameras can't collar dangerous drivers.

The Penguin


AngryDave said...

I really hate the greed cameras, and there are several sites near me that are just open dual carriage ways that have had their speed limits reduced to 40 or 50 mph just before the cameras were put up.

ZanuLabourAreCorporatistFascists said...

I checked out Surrey and Sussex Courts "business plan" for 2008-2009, target expenditure £29+ million, target income £131+ million, up £18 million on 2007-2008.

As the courts only source of income is fines, it is pretty clear what the driving force for all the bull surrounding "Road Safety Partnerships" is really.

The Police and the Court system are just another arm of the tax system and drivers a very plump, easy, cash cow.

Anonymous said...

fuckin pigs, driving to work can cost a few times the amount of money u make on the job.. thanks to them