Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Worms Are Turning

A Dangerous Illegal Immigrant Terrorist under Police Guard

Seems that the fellow travellers on NuLiebore's GravyTrain are beginning to become restless.

Perhaps they sense that the public have had enough of them, in particular of their shameless troughing.

And some of them seem to have noticed that there is considerbale public anger over the Government's disgraceful and dishonest treatment of Gurkha veterans, despite the High Court ruling last year. That wonderful team at the Home Office, Jacqui The Fat Lodger and Phil Custard Face Woolas are facing a rebellion.

They should also be facing trial for treason, the cunts.

The Penguin

UPDATE : The Government were defeated. I bet no cunt will fucking resign though. No honour, no dignity, no shame = New Labour.


Earthlet Nigel said...

There was some cunt on R4 this morning attempting to justify the Government's stance, saying they will bring thousands with them. What about the Somalis and every other Non EU National we look after, Oh I forget they're Labour voters.

Chalcedon said...

All front line troops and many others are in the firing line. I don't care if they are Fijians, Nevisians, Tongans or Gurkhas, if they are in the British army it's our duty to help them in their declining years.

When you read about some of the incredible bravery of these Gurkhas under fire. And when the old kukri is whipped out it cannot be put back in the sheath until it has drawn blood......someone elses usually. My God, the political pygmies are treating them so badly.

The Penguin said...

I'd like to see a couple of Gurkhas (pre-retirement) let loose with their kukris in the House of Commons!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I was chatting with a couple of squaddies returning to Germany as this news ( Browns Parliamentary defeat re Gurkhas) came on the radio news.
I asked them if they should be allowed to settle.
" Corse mate, stanstwo reason, dunnit ?"

Nuff said.

Fuck off Gordon and take your dishonourable cunts with you.