Thursday, 30 April 2009

Honest, Guv, I Just Accidentally Taped Over My ID Numbers!

"I just don't know how it can have happened, Guv, it must have been an accident!"

From the Evening Standard.

"Officers preparing to police the G20 protests were told to remain "calm and restrained", according to a report on the Met's handling of the event.

Police were also warned to "react professionally to the events in front of them" in briefing sessions in advance of the protests.

In addition supervisors were told to ensure officers displayed ID numbers, according to the report being presented to the Metropolitan Police Authority today."


"Sir Paul has already angrily criticised officers who fail to wear ID numbers and warned they face the sack if they did so deliberately. Video footage of the G20 protests has shown a handful of officers did not display them."

Well, that's all right then, isn't it? Obviously it was entirely accidental.

The Penguin


Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

Is the reverse angle view of the plod in the gideo giving the girl a backhander and then a couple of whacks with his metal stick?

The Penguin said...

Looks like it to me.

How on earth did they think they could get away with it with all of those cameras around? (Despite the attempts to stop police being photographed and the CCTV "failure"!)

killemallletgodsortemout said...

He'll be alright, that copper. he looks like a bit of an effnick.