Monday, 20 April 2009

The BBC Wastes My Money - And Their Excuses Are Crap

Smug Overpaid Cunt

The BBC spends over £100,000 a year running two chauffeur driven cars to collect it's two head wankers from the station rather than have them sullied by contact with the general public who pay their obscene wages.

Bearing in mind that some of the general public might recognise them and want to engage them in a discussion about the licence fee, Jonathan Ross's wedge, left-wing bias, rubbish programmes, commercial advantage, and so on, one can understand how these tossers might wish to avoid the great unwashed.

But the crap excuse given by the BBC spokesweasel is seriously poor.
" A spokesman said: ‘Mark Thompson and Mark Byford do not have cars drive them to work from their homes, which are outside London. They take the train and are collected from the station.

‘They are working on the train and continue to work in the car. As the most senior figures in a global media organisation, the confidential or sensitive nature of some of their phonecalls or communication mean it would not be possible for them to take public transport or taxis.’ "

So the train is not public transport? Or do they have a carriage to themselves, which we pay for?


The Penguin


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

A BBC spokesgimp said, 'Fuck off you scumbags, you pay for it and you have no fucking choice, ha ha ha ha ha ha'.

Anonymous said...

Cameron should be bold and get rid of this organisation. Although we will miss Ross, Derbyshite, Stephen Nolan NOT

wv caring honest!!

Old Bag said...

i object to this! why am i paying for these 2 cunts to travel in luxury when i have to pay my license fee, dont watch the beeb and have to travel to work by bus!..wankers! off with there heads!

Odin's Raven said...

I expect they feel aggrieved that they don't yet get to use the Royal train and helicopter. Vermin.