Saturday 31 October 2009

This Will Restore The Public's Faith In The IPCC? Like Fuck It Will!

The supposedly independent body that investigates those complaints into the police which are so smelly that the plod's own internal whitewash departments fail to cover up properly gets a new boss.

Moir Stewart, whose involvement in the attempted cover-up of the Met murdering an innocent electrician is well documented gets yet another promotion, to lead the IPCC.

I'm sure this will do fuck all to inspire public confidence. Anyone charged yet with killing Ian Tomlinson?

The Penguin


Harry Roberts said...

Exactly the reason for my anti-social behaviour back in 1966.

Get Smart said...

Run that past me again did it say independent and did it say he was a police farce commander?

banned said...

they really do like shoving sticks up the publics' arse don't they ?

blighty said...

He was a drunken tit who wouldn't get out of the way when told to. he got a push and died of a heart attack. Twat.