Saturday 31 October 2009

You Aint Heard Nuthin Yet!

As the wonderful old rock anthem has it, Jacqui, "You Aint Heard Nuthin' Yet!" (Bachman Turner Overdrive, well worth a look on Youtube )

Must have been a bit of an eye-opener to be so vilified by the audience on Question Time after your Oh So Easy "apology" in the House Of Thieves and being asked to pay back a few quid of the hundreds of thousands you fiddled. Indeed - "You Took What You Could Get!"

Just wait till you try and defend your expenses "misjudgements" on the streets of Redditch, where they won't take kindly to you classifying a spare room in your sister's house to enable you to tart up your big detached with £500 stone sinks, let alone paying "Tugger" £40,000 a year to fill in your expense claims and write anonymous supportive letters to the local press.

You'll find you have fuck all support. And your opponents will have a field day at your "expenses".

The Penguin


Marchamont Needham said...

And when she loses she'll suffer the dreadful indignity of a huge payoff (first 30k tax free), an even bigger wadge of money to "finish unfinished constituency business" and a peerage where she can continue to trough to her heart's content.

A really tough punishment for stealing 100k.

Anonymous said...

You have to be alive to enjoy it.

banned said...

QT Dimbldum on the question " should disgraced MPs get Lorded "

D "Jaqui Smith, are You disgraced ? "
JS " Yes I am, I made mistakes for which I have unreservedly apologised "
D " Should You go to the house of Lords ? "
JS "000" Silence.