Tuesday 20 October 2009

Running Scared Of The BNP, How Pathetic!

"British Jobs For British Racists!"

I do not like the BNP and I do not like racism, or agism, or sexism, for that matter.

However, this is supposedly a democracy, and the BNP are a legitimate political party who have garnered enough support from the electorate to have two MEPs and a handful of councillors around the country. From what I see and hear, they'll probably have a load more and some Westminster representation after the next elections.

And this is because they are speaking directly to those who feel the current main parties are ignoring them. So the resposne of the establishment, by and large, is what? Listen to the people and address the issues that concern them, such as mass immigration and the EUSSR? The criminal stupidity of fighting in Afghanistan without sufficient troops or the right equipment? Political sleaze? Cronyism? The bankrupt economy? Unemployment?

No, the fuckwits prefer to either try and ignore the BNP or to smear them, which is merely adding to their appeal as the under-dogs representing the unheard.

Fucking brilliant, and these tossers are supposed to be the elite.

The Penguin


GoodnightVienna said...

Well said. I'm sick of hearing about it today but what's the point of telling the govt they have to listen? They never have and aren't about to change now - it's the way they've carried on governance since 1997.

bryboy said...

The BNP are a product of bad government. This government have deserted the very people who used to support them. The champagne socialists like Harriet Harman are the cause of the rise of the BNP. The BNP have a valid point!

Leg-iron said...

Well, the government and their crusties tell us the BNP are evil and subhuman.

I smoke so I'm already branded evil and subhuman. I drink too so I'm even more evil and subhuman. I'm not obese but I don't fit the approved silhouette so that puts me on a par with Beelzebub. Once I get my camera out, Hell won't take me in. I'm too evil.

Drivers are evil. Parents who offer to take other people's kids to school are evil. Scoutmasters are evil. Photographers are evil. Anyone who doesn't eat five lumps of plant gonads a day is evil (yes, that's what fruit is). Anyone who eats meat is evil.

I won't vote BNP because I looked at their manifesto and I don't like it.

Suppose I hadn't? Suppose all I knew is that Labour are trying to crush them just like they did to me for smoking and drinking? Nobody lets the BNP say anything so what would I choose?

Imagine you knew nothing of the BNP other than what you see on TV, and imagine you smoke and drink and like salty fatty food.

Labour drive people to the BNP because they treat the BNP with the same techniques they've used on the rest of us.

Every time they slap down the BNP, people are thinking 'Yeah, that's what they did to me too'.

If there's no BNP MP after the next election, I'll be very surprised.

banned said...

Within a very short time I imagine that the rump white working/unemployed class will be supporting the BNP en masse ( for the reasons so eloquently outlined by Leg_Iron ) while Labour will depend upon the migrants they have imported for the purpose and a few luvvies for meagre support with the middle class majority ( white and ethnic ) fought over by the cons/libdems and a few independents.

O. Mosley said...

I hark back to the good old days, when a man could have a smoke in a pub, gives his children a caning, and wear a fetching brown shirt and give Hitler salutes.

Now we have to smoke outside, risk getting our kids taken off us if we discipline them, and only Muslims are allowed to dress up and go on fascist marches.

Give me a time machine.

And a pipe!