Saturday 24 October 2009

It Won't Be A Racist Attack, Lammy!!

"Would You Hit A Man With Glasses? - Nope, I'd Prefer A Pickaxe Handle!"

When you lose the police protection squad, Mr. Useless Twat, and some quite rightly aggrieved citizen or citizens gives you the kicking you so richly deserve, it won't be a racist attack.

It will be payback for being so fucking useless while costing us so fucking much.

And you won't be alone.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

if you nominating lammy add Hain as well,can anyone tell me what does hain do in life apart from lie?

St Paul said...

Lammy was apparently one of the cunts implicated in the neglect leading to the death of Baby P, who was white.
Lammy, with others, completely ignored the advanced warning letter sent by Nevres Kemal.

xoggoth said...

I note the implication, yet again, that it is the right which is responsible for recent increases in attacks on Jews. Clearly the BNP has developed a strange sympathy for Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

David Lammy, a man once tipped as the first black Prime Minister of teh UK....Why?....because he was black and spoke nicely and din't go around in a large gangsta car talking shit - Ayiiiiight! That said he's a collosal tosser who hasn't ever uttered anything remotely sensible. Even this load of codswallop is on the permatanned one's coat-tails. By the way - how come Hain hasn't developed skin cancer yet?

banned said...

Ranter, "By the way - how come Hain hasn't developed skin cancer yet?"
Good question.
What's the likelihood that Lammy and his pals will secretly burn down a few Black Community Centres to prove how evil the BNP are having been stirred up by " controvertial Nick ". Like Hitler did with the Reichstag to blame the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Well old sooty there won't be getting melanoma any time soon so we will just have to hope the fucker gets sickle cell animia and possibly run over by a truck.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall he was on Mastermind once and showed less general knowledge than a 10-year-old would have when we had an education system. 'Henry VIII's successor? Henry VII I think...'

WV: appint - yes why not?