Saturday 17 October 2009

Has To Be Worth A Bonus!

Are these ghastly wimmin interchangeable? She looks just like the bitch running Ofsted!

There's got to be a big bonus coming her way!

Lin Homer, the chief executive of the Border and Immigration Agency, presides over yet another high profile fuck up. Iraqi officials send deportees straight back to Gatwick, brilliant organisation and hardly that expensive compared to the ID card fiasco.

Never mind, I'm sure little Phil Woolas will tell Gordon it was all a bit of a misunderstanding. After he's dodged the Nokia.

The Penguin


microdave said...

There is a simple answer to this - just transport them back in a C130 Hercules, and once over Iraq push them out the back with a parachute.....

Anonymous said...

Lin Homer is a piece of shit. It is she who deported the legally-married wife of a Welshman on some entirely unintended consequence of the law: but 'the law is the law', no matter how fucking stupid it is, we cannot just be sensible about things.

I hope she gets roasted, diced, salted, and fed to a herd of rabid hyenas. The cunt.

Joe Public said...

Presumably, she used the world's (least) favourite airline. Based upon the discount negotiated by a Whitehall mandarin.

If she'd used IraqiAir, it may have cost a few quid more, but she could then prevent them disembarking on home soil.

banned said...

Would this be the silly cow whose department refused entry to some Patagonian Argentines because they were not beleived when they said they were going to Wales to brush up on their Welsh ?

Ignorant fucktards she employs.

The Paragnostic said...

Waste of parachutes, microdave.

Chuck them out over Sadr city at 3000 ft and watch the splashes ;o)

winston smith said...

i thought they were supposed to leave the door of the plane open