Wednesday 14 October 2009

Such An Endorsement, What An Honour!

Silvio Berlusconi, the sex-crazed cruise-ship crooner who with very dodgy connections and backers has improbably built a huge media empire and bribed his way to power in Italy, assisted by our very own corrupt bribe-taking Mr Tessa Jowell, has given his backing to a well-known war criminal and serial liar to become President of a discredited and distinctly undemocratic EUSSR.

Teflon Tony must be so chuffed. I expect it will completely make up for being embarrassed at the Iraq Memorial Service and Reception.

The Penguin


banned said...

At least Silvio was voted into his Office, repeatedly; unlike the placepersons now running the show here following dodgey Tonys departure.
Silvio clearly expects Our Tone to chuck him a few bungs from the EU Imperial mantlepiece in return for opening the old Nazi/Facist bolt hole routes to South American anonymous luxury.

Anonymous said...

What's the Italian for 'cunt'? Anyone know?

microdave said...

Edgar - according to Babel Fish it's "fica"