Sunday 11 October 2009

Another Corrupt Labour Peer!

"See No Evil, But What's That Stench?"

The House of Lords must absolutely reek of corruption and sleaze. It is packed full of dodgy NuLiebore stooges, many of whom are not just a waste of space but are actively thieving both directly and indirectly.

Step forward the latest to be revealed, the multillionaire Lord Paul, close friend of One-Eye and makor donor to NuLiebore. This tosser has claimed £38,000 which he hardly needs by pretending that a falt at one of his hotels in Oxfordshire is his main residence.

Even when caught he tried to justify his actions. What a greasy cunt. Is it just me or, like his colleague Baroness Uddin, is he a bit "sub-continental"?

The Penguin


winston smith said...

spot on penguin sub continental tell it like it is

Anonymous said...

I doubt if his race had anything to do with it. There are plenty of white thieving bastards playing the role of benefit cheat in the HoL, and just hundreds more in the HoC.

Hacked Off said...

True, but can you find a half-way honest politician from the sub-continent?

Keith Vaz? That Malik turd?

Anonymous said...

Can you name a white one who is honest?

Hacked Off said...

Norman Tebbitt

Anonymous said...

And you know he's honest because....?

Working class lad makes it good in the Tory Party, and he never was dishonest? Doubt it.

I may be able to help you out, Although I can't prove it, I suspect Ms Widdecombe may be an honest woman. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Wooops no, I was wrong. Someone just reminded me that she was on the fiddle too, claiming for a contract with a company that went through all the papers, cutting out and sending on articles that she featured in.

Vain or what?

Anonymous said...

Fucking wogs are all the same.
Stop the alien invasion of Britain. Send the coons back to the shit-holes they crawled out from

Anonymous said...

Aye anon. You can always bet a comment like that will be from a person calling him or her self anonymous and with no profile.

Predictable or what?

Nuff said. Numpty