Thursday 8 October 2009

That Sarkozy, He Certainly Knows How To Pick Them!

"He had lovely firm young buttocks...."

Miniature-sized President of France, the Hungarian Adulterer Nicolas Sarkozy has a sure touch in picking his ministers.

There's the various "trophy" women, often of "ethnic" background so as to tick two boxes with one appointment; all of them good looking, none of them properly qualified.

And now it seems his choice of Minister of Culture has bitten him on the (short) arse!

Still, probably explains why the nephew of Francois ( pass the envelope) Mitterand was so quick to leap to the defence of the unspeakable Roman Polanski.

The Penguin


banned said...

Priceless "...influenced by the President's wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, who has been trying to broaden the her husband's cultural horizons."
Well I suppose paying for underage Asian rentboys might come within that. I expect he put it down on expenses as a fact finding trip.

Oldrightie said...

It would appear that in The EU dream, children are seen as fair game by these people. No wonder Fondlebum is so at home with it.

Anonymous said...

Bet he'll get to keep his job!

Anonymous said...

Did he share a holiday cottage with Mandlebum?

Anonymous said...

I live in Thailand and the ladyboys here do look like women.
In the UK when Fred the transvestite from no 47 puts on his size 11 high heels and a dress he still looks like Fred from no 47 in high heels and a dress well here they don't. It's also accepted a lot more than in the west many men have been caught out only find out the truth in the hotek room or so they say as in your only a poofta if you take it not give it.No not me, I'm married with kids thanks.
Now heres the rub AIDS has not gone away many people are infected and dying especially the ladyboys unprotected sex and all that.
So the question is has he been tested to see if he is HIV positive

Anonymous said...

what is scary is that so many politicians and people in power support this kind of dirty bastard and the likes oh polanski, how many more sordid fuckers are out there shagging kids? death is too nice for them