Tuesday 27 October 2009

Not So Much Out Of Touch As Not From This Planet?

Coming All Too Soon To A Street Near You!

What the fuck is it with the fucking judiciary? Why can they not do something so fucking simple as to lock cunts like Jason Owen up for life, meqaning life, or better still have him publicly hung which would raise a good few quid and be better than the expense of keeping him in prison and then arranging to protect him when he is allowed out.

High time some one tortured and murdered a fucking judge or two, might wake the rest of the cunts up.

The Penguin


salfordian said...

heres hoping someone caves his scrawny skull in when he comes out..

Get Smart said...

Salfordian it wont happen because the same useless turds that will let him out will give him a new identity. Taxpayer will be funding his new life.

George said...

Perhaps Lord Justice Hughes and Owen's QC would let a young member of their own family spend a few evenings with this vile scum.

panavia999 said...

Maybe when he gets a new identity he could also get plastic surgery so no one recognizes him?
Too bad the crime was not committed in Texas or Mississippi - he would be on death row now.

Anonymous said...


In all likelihood, he's already on death row.

He just doesn't know it.

Anonymous said...

I disagree and kinda agree with your coments penguin.
I was listening to what an ipp is today on radio 4. Doesn't sound very fare that on someones say so you can never leave prison,but in this case I would say they should have given him 10 years.
The law as it is,is the law. You can't make it up as you go along.

banned said...

Unbefuckinglievable ! There I was settling down with my evening cocoa when I come across this shit.
Serves me right for reading the Telegraph online I suppose.
The cunt should have had one of those USA sentences of 550 years on bread and battery acid.

Mind you, don't see the need for him to be given a new identity, Tottenham/Wood Green is such a vile filth encrusted shithole occupied largely by crack addled whore-mums and Gangstas that none of them will give a fuck about the particular horribleness of JASON OWENS crime.

Good point about slow torturing some fucking judges Mr. P.

Umbongo said...

The law is quite clear: indeterminate sentences can only be applied where there is a continuing danger to the public from the offender. The law may be rubbish but the appeal court is applying the law as it finds.

The fuckwittery may comprise:
(1) considering that it is safe to allow a career criminal out on the streets. I can only suppose that the appeal court considered that Owen will not pose a threat to the public through "causing or allowing" another baby's death. On those narrow grounds they may be right in that he might not get another opportunity to commit exactly this crime. I reckon, though, that in similar circumstances and given the opportunity the odds are that Owen would do just that.
(2) sentencing Owen to, effectively, only another 2 years in prison for being complicit in the brutality inflicted on Baby P. Of course, no-one has been prosecuted - let alone convicted - of murder. The perps were only convicted of causing or allowing Baby P's death: the easy option which made the CPS look as if they were doing a day's work.