Tuesday 13 October 2009

The NuLiebore Royalty

Was there ever a more useless pair of overpaid twats?

And yet they have been elevated to the Peerage, enobled and enriched beyond belief through years of so-called "public service" - such as sacking whistleblowers while digging their snouts into the trough and ensuring their offspring were quickly welded onto the public teat.

After just 4 months as Minister for Europe in McCavity's government of the gormless, Baroness Kinnock is shuffled downwards and sidewards to look after the African portfolio - where she will probably do very well teaching corrupt dictators how to amass loads of money - but gets to keep her higher grade salary and perks.

The new Minister for Europe is Chris "Underpants" Bryant. He and the banana waving alien make a great pair to look after our interests in Brussels, I don't think.

The Penguin


banned said...

"The Working Classes
Can suck our Arses
We've got the Parliamentary

Over to you Penguin.

Hacked Off said...

I'd force feed them rat poison, washed down with Jeyes Fluid.

Video of them puking to death to be put of Youtube as a warning to the rest of the trough-pigs.

Ed P said...

Where can I get a larger picture of those ghastly Pillocks for shooting practice?

Dark Lochnagar said...

It would make you fucking weep!

Blind Pugh said...

I'd force feed them rat poison, washed down with Jeyes Fluid.

You're too soft, Penguin. I'd make them eat their own entrails and genitalia first, then plunge flaming skewers into their eyes, ears and noses. After which I'd force feed them rats, then the poison then some kerosene. Then light the blue tocuh paper and watch the fuckers fry in their own stinking juices.


Anonymous said...

Smug, self-satisfied (probably in EVERY sense), horrible Valleys dross.