Wednesday 21 October 2009

Didn't Big Ears Get Sacked For This Sort Of Thing?

Truly the Undead walk amongst us!

I seem to recall that Big Ears Clarke got sacked as Home Secretary because of some incompetence in the deporting of illegal immigrants. But then we have the war criminal Blair supposedly running things, and he was rather better at sacrificing his friends to placate the media mob than the dithering imbecile currently "in charge".

After all, if the Prime Mentalist was listening to his much-vaunted Moral Compass he'd have to sack quite a few corrupt and incompetent ministers.

Jacqui "Box Room" Smith would have never had the chance to step down. Phil Woolas would have been back-benched before Joanna Lumley could fillet him live on TV. Baroness Scotland would have been facing charges not swanning round in a car she's not entitled to whilst trousering living allowances she's not entitled to. Bob Jobsworth would have been sacked not promoted. Jack Straw would be getting a much closer understanding of the Prison Service.

There's loads more.

But of course, The Great Leader would also have to fall on his own sword, and that will never happen, because the deluded cretin believes his own spin.

The Penguin


Blind Pugh said...

Gordon Broon wouldn't know a moral compass if you rammed one up his arse and set fire to it. Blind, ineffectual cunt.

sarah brown said...

yes, but i love him, he's my squidgy pooh