Sunday 25 October 2009

Washing Whiter Than White

David Blunkett and his favourite Guide Dog

Poor "Sir" Ian Bliar. His pathetic failure to provide proper leadership when he was given the most senior job in UK policing and the abrupt way in which he was effectively forced out by Boris must really rankle.

The evidence is in his ghastly self-serving whitewash of a book, being serialised in the Mail on Sunday, where his every move and motive is whiter than white and holier than Jesus on a Sunday in Lent. It's enough to make your flesh creep, learning how supportive the fat greasy cunt was of everyone despite all their manifest weaknesses and failings.

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the instalment where he personally gives mouth-to-mouth to John Charles de Meneses on the floor of the tube train in Stockwell station, and only failed to revive the poor bastard because his "officers" had blown his brains out with multiple shots from point blank range after failing to give any warning.

What a shame the Booker Prize for pretentious fiction has already been handed out.

Still, with the Nobel Peace Prize going to Obamalama, there's always hope.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he's not one these Lord thingies by now. He must not have given enough... tut tut.

Hateful incompetent bastard.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly Mr Penguin. I was laughing out loud by the end of this week's thrilling instalment. Amazing how the thing that irked him most about the oily self serving Tarq Ghaffur was that the bent asian creep didn't have a Met Logo and the worthless strapline 'Working Together for a Safer London' on his SCD newsletter that no fucker read. Like most circulations to staff this one would fill the B.I.N. rapidly in every office - although not as quickly as the personal issue 'Diversity Handbook' did. Blair, Paddick, Ghaffur, Dizaei (soon to come before the beak again at the CCC, Alfred John, The BPA, Cressida Dick and the rest of the incompetent, ineffectual wankstains in the UK police service that have succeeded in ensuring that the Metropolitan Police and the police service generally is viewed with suspicion and loathing by the very people who once supported them wholeheartedly. Ian Blair was viewed as a lefty, liberal twat when he joined the Met and was regarded as such all through his career. The politicians were warned about him but now we know why the useless tosser was selected - for the same reason the country is being deliberately swamped by aliens. I'm glad the cunt went the way he did. I just wish he'd shut the fuck up. The same goes for the rest of them.

banned said...

Ranter "the Metropolitan Police and the police service generally is viewed with suspicion and loathing by the very people who once supported them wholeheartedly."

Hear, Hear, Well said that Stakeholder. Best thing Boris has done, sacked that poncy fucker.