Tuesday 27 October 2009

What The Fuck Use Are The CPS?

Ugly Dead Scrote From Shallow End Of Gene Pool

I do hope that the next administration do away with the pile of festering shit that is the "Crown Prosecution Service" who continue to prove just how wrong-headed and useless they are.

Hardly a day goes by that there is not a case being brought by these tossers which is completely fucking outrageous.

Latest example, they have charged a bloke with murder and wounding with intent for defending himself and his property against two feral teenage burglars. He should be given a fucking medal, not prosecuted!

The Penguin


RantinRab said...

Why is it that all of these cunts have the same 'look'?

You can spot scumbags a mile away.

Anonymous said...

sadly one has to consider the rule of law.....

xoggoth said...

How is one supposed to know how vicious or capable intruders are, whether they have hidden weapons, whether someone else will come running if they call out? If one is expected to make a fine judgement on all this one is putting oneself at risk and why should you in your own house?

Those of us whose only adult experience of violence is watching movies where the hero is knocked all over the place and ends up with only a small trickle of blood marring one corner of his handsome mouth generally have little idea what is likely to be fatal angerous and what isn't anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that all of these cunts have the same 'look'?"Different mothers same father?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the scrote in question is white. So what do you mean by the "same look"?

Its the jury who have to examine their consciences. They should acquit - whatever direction the judge gives.

banned said...

Who gives a fuck if he used 'excessive and gratuitous force'; if you invade someones house you should lose the protection of the law. It used to be covered by the sadly unfashionable concept of " outlaw ".
Kill the half-wit Tyler Juet, so that he can share his journey to hell with his fucked up dead and rotting brother.


microdave said...

"Ian Cunningham, the reviewing lawyer in the case, said: 'I have also looked very carefully at the public interest in this case, and I am satisfied that the public interest requires a prosecution.'"

Well this member of the public is interested, and most certainly DOES NOT require a prosecution you moronic fuckwit!

I do hope he's confronted by a burglar in his home in the not too distant future....

Anonymous said...

He looks like 'Rat Boy' from Viz.

Pikey scum. I hope his mother cries herself to sleep each night.

But she won't. White Lightning eases the pain.

So farewell, then, Tyler Juett. When people google your name, they'll always see the word 'pikey' pop up. For good measure: Tyler Juett Pikey
Tyler Juett Pikey
Tyler Juett Pikey
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Tyler Juett Pikey
Tyler Juett Pikey

As for the CPS - sigh

Rob Farrington said...

C'mon, everyone...the world has been deprived of a rare talent.

I bet he was the dog's bollocks at sitting on a bridge and playing a banjo.

Anonymous said...

Please have a look here at the angel about half way down the page

I suggest that you ensure that you have no liquid-containing vessels in your hands first.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, haven't woken up yet:

Anonymous said...


Write something touching if you like.

Hacked Off said...

Fuck me, that "gone to soon" site is just sick. Who the fuck thinks up making a fucking website for fawning over dead people and trying to outdo everyone else in being mawkish?

Cunt's probaly got a "Tyler For Sainthood" page on fucking facebook. Doubtless there will soon be street collections for a statue.

Anonymous said...

Im being done for whispering "bomb", in no context, to someone in Scotland when Im in England.

I dont have a leg to stand on under Scottish law. Thats why the CPS are there (in Scotland, the PFs), its an easy win for them.

As much as I hate violence, if I had to protect my family, in my house, by god I would.

Anonymous said...

As someone that nearly lost his son this week (15 months old), the pain felt by a parent is so overwhelming, that there really arent words to describe it. The guy was obviously a waste of skin but his mum doesnt the hate :(

salfordian said...

these jug eared fuckwits are all over the place,cunty wont be breaking into anymore houses now,oh well tough shit...

Umbongo said...


You may be interested in this site which deals, among other things, with the scentific basis for physiognomy.

RantinRab said...

The cunt even has a facebook appreciation page.


Anonymous said...

it's a pity the lad became a feral fuckwit and got what he deserved. we seem to be stamping out a lot of boys of this ilk from the same welfare sink-estate mould.
this boy killed himself in undertaking a reckless invasion of someone else's property. i have much sympathy with the family of the deceased, but far more sympathy with the defender of his home who is being prosecuted for reacting in self-defence.
i had to frighten prowlers away with an (unloaded) shotgun once, and can verify that it would be easy to react forcefully, in the terrible fear and stress of the moment.
mind you, the shotgun did the trick --- the double click of the hammers being drawn back and whoosh! where've they gone?

Anonymous said...

the main reason for burglaries is to get money for drugs. the government refuses to allow drugs to be regulated, sold cheaply and decriminalised. therefore, government policy increases crime. this is entirely deliberate, it gives the excuse for more control by promoting a climate of fear and gives the excuse for police to carry firearms.
the government promotes the main cause of aquisitive crime by prohibition of drugs, has disarmed the law-abiding majority, and acts against anyone who defends themselves. their own paramilitary wing (formerly "consatbles") shoot people dead and kill more people in custody than anywhere in Europe and nothing is done. yet if an old lady pokes a yob in the chest, why, that's assault!
this is not a nation any more, and that fact is a deliberate result of labour policy.

Hitler was PC said...

Fred West could have taught this guy a thing or two about hiding bodies in your house.

Anonymous said...

I found this by Googling 'why are the CPS such cunts'.
Glad to know other people out there can see how fucking useless they are.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm with the benefit of long experience that the CPS is indeed run by and staffed by total and utter cunts!. I have tried to ignore this fact but I don't think I can manage it anymore? From the lowliest fat idle cunt to the fat idle cunt at the top of the pyramid- they are all utter cunts.