Thursday 29 October 2009

Thank Fuck, That's Scuppered The War Criminal!

Some good news.

The Great Unelected Leader, Saviour of the World, He Who Did Away With Boom And Bust, whose very touch causes leprosy, has declared his whole hearted support for the War Criminal Bliar to become Presidente of the EUSSR.

So that's him fucked then.

Out of recession by Christmas? What year, Gordon, what fucking year?

The Penguin

PS: All he touches turns to shit!!


Sue said...

I'm in half a mind whether it would be a good or bad thing.

If Blair gets voted as President, it will really piss the Conservatives off.

If, in his duties as "Pres", he begins to do things that further piss them off, it could just result in an in/out referendum!

Cameron knows that would really embarrass Blair.

The rest of the EU also know that should Blair get voted in and begin a crusade to undermine the Tories, that the possibility of the UK leaving would easily become a reality..

Confused? Yep so am I!

Anonymous said...

He's not going to get the job. Not just because of McDoom's curse.

1 He's a war criminal

2 The little countries don't want the big boys getting all the best gigs.

3 Its only in Euroskeptic Britain that we think the world revolves around us, it doesn't. Its a frog or a kraut or a pseudo one like a Belgian or an Austrian that will get the job.

Can the incoming Tory government not prosecute some of these bastards for their theft, war crimes or just being cunts?

wv coitess - yup we're all fucked!

Anonymous said...

I totally love that picture of Gordon. I think he may have died actually. Shame huh.

I'd worry if I were a European from a country within the Euro zone that my president's country didn't use the currency of the Union of which he was president. Conflict of interests?

I'd also be very frightened that his first interest was not with the group of states of which he was president, but the group of states of which he would have loved to be president...

Note the little piece at the bottom of this story....

Leg-iron said...

It's taken effect already.

The Brown Gorgon's touch of death is getting faster with practice.

Fidothedog said...

Gordon has never gotten on with Brown an figures his snot covered kiss of death will fuck Blairs chances.

Odds on Blair is saying some rather rude words that he will have to confess on Sunday.